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There's no disputing that unique search engine optimized content is a major factor in search engine success. One of the major obstacles in your way though, no matter how good a writer you are, is the massive sea of content already indexed in the search engines. Your best bet is to get as much content out there as possible, but that takes time. That's where article spinning comes in. Instead of writing 100 articles, just write one and spin it 100 times!

Spun content is quickly becoming a regular fixture on the internet. The better the spinner, the better your resulting content is. Spinz.me is a brand new content spinning tool that takes into account the various needs of you, the user. The interface is simple, just point and click. All you do is search for a PLR article on your topic, and go to it. To make word substitutions you just select the word. As soon as you select a word, the thesaurus automatically populates with alternative words for your selected word. Click the ones you want to use to add them to the substitution list. Once you have enough substitutions just click the "Do Substitution" button. The tool automatically replaces your selected word in the article with your list of substitutions in standard spinner syntax. » Read more.