How Article Spinning Works. is a brand new free content spinning tool that takes into account the various needs of you, the user. The interface is simple, just point and click. All you do is search for a PLR article on your topic, and start spinning. To make word substitutions you just select the word you want to substitute. As soon as you select a word, the thesaurus automatically populates with alternative words for your selected word. Click the ones you want to use to add them to the substitution list. Once you have enough substitutions just click the "Do Substitution" button. The tool automatically replaces your selected word in the article with your list of substitutions in standard spinner syntax.

Standard spinner syntax looks like the following example.

Before: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

After: {The|A|My|Your|His|Her|Our} {quick|fast|swift|speedy|frisky|impatient|limber|nimble|peppy|slick|spry} {brown|beige|chocolate|chestnut|cocoa|chocolate brown|hazel} {fox|wolf|cat|horse|pig} {jumped|leaped|flew|hurdled|lunged|popped|soared|somersaulted|sprang|vaulted} over {the|a|my|your|his|her|our} {lazy|apathetic|careless|dawdling|dazed|disinterested|dozing|dozy|easygoing|impotent |lethargic|loafing|motionless|napping|procrastinating|relaxed|resting|slothful} {dog|duck|goose|mouse|goat|sheep|lamb}.

Some resulting output:
Our slick hazel pig vaulted over her dozy duck.
My nimble cocoa fox popped over his resting lamb.
My quick brown horse leaped over her motionless mouse.
Your swift chocolate horse jumped over your slothful lamb.
Your spry brown horse hurdled over our easygoing dog.
His frisky beige fox vaulted over your procrastinating dog.
Your slick beige wolf flew over the dozing lamb.
My peppy chestnut pig sprang over the procrastinating dog.
My nimble chocolate wolf vaulted over our loafing mouse.
A fast beige pig lunged over my napping goat.
Her fast chocolate brown wolf vaulted over the motionless goose.